Confirmation interface

This XML interface allows the merchant to confirm the payment request

Action -

Method - POST

XML request format:

    <PaRes> </PaRes>
Title Field in XML Description
Merchant ID LMI_MERCHANT_ID The identifier of the merchant.
Internal payment number in the PaySoft system LMI_SYS_PAYMENT_ID The payment number in the PaySoft system, received in response of payment-create.
Result of passing 3DSecure PaRes The parameter value that you received after passing the 3D-Secure client. This field should be present in this request only if in response to the paymentCreate request Is3ds = 1.
Signature of request LMI_HASH Yes The signature of the request is generated by hashing the original text of the XML request with an empty LMI\ _HASH value and the SecretKey using the algorithm specified in the Merchant Cabinet. The received signature is passed in the LMI_HASH tag. The recommended encryption algorithm is SHA256. Sign example

XML response format:

    <Retval> </Retval>
    <Retdesc> </Retdesc>
Title Field in XML Description
Result code Retval 0 - successful execution of the command, the result must be determined by Retdata/retval; 1 - invalid signature (LMI_HASH ); 2,7,304 - invalid parameters; 6,7 - internal error; 9 - the payment has been expired
Result code Description Retdesc
Retdata/retval Whether funds have been debited from the card (values: success - succesefull transaction, fail - failed transaction, process - transaction in progress )
Retdata/messageRU, Retdata/messageUA, Retdata/messageEN recommended text to display to the client in case of Retdata/retval = fail (in different languages ​​)
Retdata/code error code
Retdata/amount Payment amount
Retdata/mask Masked card number

After the Client pays for the transaction, the "Payment notification form" is sent to the seller's system.

To get the status of a transaction, you can use the "Payment Status Request Interface".

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