2.5. Failure page

This form is sent by PaySoft to the Merchant’s Fail URL via Client’s browser (the Client being redirected simultaneously) after a payment error occurred or the Client refused to make a payment.

Action - Fail URL

Method – POST or GET (depends on Merchant’s configurations)

Form parameters:

Name Field name Description
Merchant ID LMI_MERCHANT_ID Merchant’s ID from Merchant’s Store Profile.
Payment amount LMI_PAYMENT_AMOUNT Payment amount.
The reference to uniquely identify a payment LMI_PAYMENT_NO Order number according to the Merchant’s record-keeping system which is received from the Merchant in Payment request form.
Payment purpose LMI_PAYMENT_DESC Description of a product/work/service being paid for. Maximum length is 255. UTF8 encoding.
Notification text LMI_CLIENT_MESSAGE Recommended notification text to the Client.
Additional parameters Defined by Merchant All the fields received from the Merchant in Payment request form without LMI_ prefix.

The Client is redirected to the Fail URL in the following cases:

  • Payment system declined a payment;
  • Client refused to make a payment;
  • Merchant’s Result URL returned a value other than “YES” in response to Initial request form;
  • other errors.

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