2.1. Form of payment request

This form is sent by Merchant to PaySoft website via web-browser of Client (with simultaneous redirection of Client).

Action - https://lmi.paysoft.solutions/

Method - POST

Form features:

Name Parameter name in html-form Mandatory? Description
Merchant ID LMI_MERCHANT_ID Yes Merchant’s ID from Merchant’s Store Profile.
Payment amount LMI_PAYMENT_AMOUNT Yes Payment amount. The amount must be greater than zero, fractional part is separated by a dot.
Internal order number in accounting system of Merchant LMI_PAYMENT_NO No In this field Merchant indicates an order number according to his own accounting system. Although this field is not obligatory, it is recommended to fill it in to ensure proper work of other interfaces. It is recommended to use a unique number for each payment. Number may contain an English letters, figures and sign «-». Maximum length - 64 symbols.
Description of Payment coding UTF-8 LMI_PAYMENT_DESC Yes* Description of good or service. It is created at Merchant’s side. If available, it is added to payment description in PaySoft transaction. Maximum length – 255 symbols, encoding – UTF-8.
Payment description LMI_PAYMENT_DESC_BASE64 Yes* Description of good or service in UTF-8 format with subsequent encoding using Base64 algorithm. It is created at Merchant’s side. If available, decoding result will substitutes LMI_PAYMENT_DESC. It enables to be independent from Merchant’s website encoding.
Success URL substitution LMI_SUCCESS_URL No If value is received in a form it substitutes parameter
Substitution of method to call Success URL LMI_SUCCESS_METHOD No If value is received in a form, it substitutes parameter
Fail URL substitution LMI_FAIL_URL No If value is received in a form, it substitutes parameter
Substitution of method to call Fail URL LMI_FAIL_METHOD No If value is received in a form, it substitutes parameter "Method to call Fail URL" which is indicated in Cabinet’s settings. In opposite case value indicated in settings is always used.
Order payment period LMI_EXPIRES No Period of time for order to be paid. It is given in YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss format.
Payment system ID LMI_PAYMENT_SYSTEM No Payment system ID Client chosen to make a payment while placing an order on Merchant’s website. The list of payment tools can be found in Cabinet.
Test mode indicator LMI_SIM_MODE No Specifies way to make a transaction after payment: 0 – always successful, 1 – always unsuccessful (refund of payment to client), 2 – varies (80% - successful, 20% - unsuccessful)
Client’s phone number LMI_PAYER_PHONE_NUMBER No** Client’s phone number in format 380xxxxxxxxx.
Client’s email LMI_PAYER_EMAIL No** Client’s email.
Surname LMI_PAYER_SURNAME No*** Surname
Firstname LMI_PAYER_FIRSTNAME No*** Firstname
Patronymic LMI_PAYER_PATRONYMIC No*** Patronymic
Date of birth LMI_PAYER_BIRTHDAY No*** Date of birth
tax id LMI_PAYER_TAX_ID No*** tax id
Customer ID LMI_PAYER_ID No Can contain Latin letters, numbers and a hyphen "-". The maximum length is 25 characters.
Save card token LMI_CREATE_TOKEN No 0 or 1. If it is set to 1, the LMI_PAYMENT_TOKEN parameter will be saved and returned after the payment has been successfully completed. See Payments on saved card's tokens
Payment on the saved card token LMI_PAYMENT_TOKEN No If the card token is already being sent. Payment will be made with the confirmation of CVV ​​and 3DSecure
Splitting Payment LMI_SPLIT No Payment with splitting the amount into several recipients. When using this functionality, it will be one authorization from the client's card and several transfers to merchants. This parameter should be JSON array with splitting. Example of a JSON line:
`[{" CompanyId ": 1," Amount ": 20}, {" CompanyId ": 2," Amount ": 12}]`
Control signature LMI_HASH No Control signature of ‘Form of payment request’.
Additional features Defined by Merchant No All fields in the form without prefix "LMI_", are received by PaySoft Merchant Interface and transmitted without changes to Merchant’s website in all other html-forms of PaySoft Merchant Interface
    • Only one of parameters: LMI_PAYMENT_DESC or LMI_PAYMENT_DESC_BASE64 must be mandatory present!

** - Merchant defines if the field is mandatory in his personal Cabinet.

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