2. PaySoft Merchant Interface

PaySoft Merchant Interface serves to receive Payments on Merchant’s website. It is based on exchanging HTML-forms between a server (website) of Merchant and PaySoft server: 1) On his website Merchant allows to Client to place an order.

2) Merchant redirects Client on PaySoft website, and at the same time sends a payment request form.

3) PaySoft, if needed, authorizes Client as its user.

4) PaySoft sends Merchant the form of initial request to Result URL (in case a relevant setting is set up in Merchant’s Cabinet) and receives or doesn’t receive a confirmation from Merchant of possibility to receive a payment.

5) In case Financial institution receives a confirmation from Merchant, it recepts a payment from Client.

6) In case of successful payment PaySoft:

  • immediately sends information about it to Merchant on Result URL in ‘form of payment notification’;
  • redirects Client back to Merchant’s website on Success URL and sends to Merchant ‘form of successful payment’ to the same page.

NOTE! The above stated actions take place asynchronic, meaning independently from each other. There is a probability to receive ‘form of successful payment’ prior to receiving ‘form of payment notification’ (e.g. in case there is a problem in establishing connection between PaySoft system and Merchant’s website), and non-receiving of ‘form of successful payment’ in case a user somehow prevented the sending of the form (e.g. closed a page right away after confirmation of payment).

7) In case of Client’s refusal of payment or error occurrence which unable receiving of payment, art.6 does not execute, but instead of this PaySoft:

  • redirects Client back to Merchant’s website on Fail URL and sends Merchant ‘form of unsuccessful payment’ to the same page.

Thus, Result URL is a secret page on Merchant’s server, while Success URL and Fail URL are public pages on Merchant’s server.

As a rule, less than 1 second is needed between receiving ‘Form of initial request’ and ‘Payment notification form’ except for self-service terminal (or paying to bank cashdesk). In this case a cooperation procedure between Merchant and PaySoft remain almost without differences, while Merchant should consider the following nuances:

  • it may take an unlimited time between placing an order on Merchant’s website and making a payment;
  • prior to receiving a payment PaySoft sends the ‘Form of initial request’ as in a regular case, however, several hours may pass between receiving the ‘Form of initial request’ and the ‘Payment notification form’ (because of specifics of self-service terminals operation).

PaySoft website is multilingual with Russian chosen on default. For changing a language, a corresponding marker must be added to target interface Action on PaySoft website.

The list of available markers:

  • ru – Russian;
  • uk – Ukrainian;
  • en – English;

Examples of markers usage:

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