4. Interface of payment history request

This XML-interface enables Merchant to review the history of payments for a certain period anytime. When using ‘Bank transfer number’ Mercahant enables to get a list of payments which included to appropriate bank transfere.

Action - https://api.paysoft.solutions/merchants/get-history

Method - POST

XML-request format:

Name XML format Description
Merchant ID LMI_MERCHANT_ID Merchant’s POS ID which received a payment from Client.
The start of period DateFrom The start of period for which history is requested in format YYYY-MM-DD
The end of period DateTo The end of period for which history is requested in format YYYY-MM-DD. This field is not mandatory, on default current date is used.
Bank payment number BankPaymentId Bank payment number in PaySoft system.
Order number in Merchant’s system LMI_PAYMENT_NO This field is not mandatory.
Control signature LMI_HASH Control signature of request which is created by encoding outgoing text of XML-request with blank field LMI_HASH and blank secret key SecretKey using algorithm chosen in Merchant’s cabinet. Received signature is transferred at tag LMI_HASH. The recommended encoding algorithm is SHA256.

XML-response format:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Name XML-format Description
Operation code of request Retval 1 (one) – successful transaction
Description of operation code Retdesc
Retdata / History History (list) of requested payments
Total amount of payments Total Total amount of transactions showed for request.
Transaction Data about certain payment.
Internal number of order in accounting system of Merchant LMI_PAYMENT_NO
Test mode indicator LMI_MODE Indicates mode of received payment: 0 - working mode; 1 – test mode.
Payment description LMI_PAYMENT_DESC
Internal number of payment in PaySoft system LMI_SYS_PAYMENT_ID
Date and time of receiving a payment LMI_SYS_PAYMENT_DATE
Total amount LMI_PAID_AMOUNT Total paid amount including extra fees of Financial institution.
Client details LMI_PAYER_IDENTIFIER Client’s payment data (e.g. banking card concealed number). Format depends on payment system which processed payment
Client’s phone number LMI_PAYER_PHONE_NUMBER Client’s phone number in format 380xxxxxxxxx.
Client’s email LMI_PAYER_EMAIL Client’s email
Refund Hold LMI_HOLD_REFUND_AMOUNT Refund which was return to client after confirmarion a transaction at Hold status (in case of confirmation a sum less than initial sum)
Control signature LMI_HASH Control signature is created similar to ‘Form of payment notification’ (see art. 2.3).
Payment status State 0 – payment is expected
Refunds The list of refunds processed in this transaction
Refund request number RefundId
Refund amount RefundAmount
Date of request Created
Status of request State 0 – new request
Type of request Type 1 – fast refund – processed with refund interface (see art.5)

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