5. Refund interface

This XML-interface enables Merchant to cancel transaction and return funds to Client.

Action - https://api.paysoft.solutions/merchants/refund

Method - POST

XML-request format:

Name XML-format Description
Merchant ID LMI_MERCHANT_ID Merchant’s POS ID which received a payment from Client.
Internal payment number in PaySoft system LMI_SYS_PAYMENT_ID
Unique refund request number RefundId Refund request number is a unique one in LMIMERCHANT_ID. It may content a letters of Roman alphabet, figures, signs “-" and "" (without inverted commas; a line can’t begin from signs). Maximum lenth of the number - 20 symbols.
Total payment amount ActionAmount
Cancellation amount RefundAmount Refund amount must be less or equal to full amount of payment. Some payment systems support partial payment refunds.
Signature of request LMI_HASH Yes The signature of the request is generated by hashing the original text of the XML request with an empty LMI\ _HASH value and the SecretKey using the algorithm specified in the Merchant Cabinet. The received signature is passed in the LMI_HASH tag. The recommended encryption algorithm is SHA256. Sign example

XML-response format:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Name XML-format Description
Operation code of request Retval 1 (one) – successful transaction
Description of operation code Retdesc
Refund code Retdata/ResultCode
Description of refund code Retdata/ResultMsg

NOTE! Unlike other interfaces and forms, refund interface has 2 statuses (operation codes). Operation code of request (Retval) indicates successful or unsuccessful refund request, while refund result code (Retdata/ResultCode) indicates successful refunds in payment system.

In case of receiving a non-final response in field Retdata/ResultCode it’s possible to make another request with the same parameters (necessarily with the same RefundId) to get a status of the processed request.

Codes of refund operations

Code Explanation Final/non-final
600 Refund was successful Final
601 Transaction not found Final
602 Refund is possible only for successful transactions Final
603 Refund time is over Final
604 Invalid payment amount Final
605 Invalid refund amount Final
606 Refund amount cannot exceed full amount of payment Final
607 Refund operation is being processed Non-final
608 Transaction is already refunded Final
609 Payment system doesn’t support refunds Final
610 Payment system doesn’t support partial refunds Final
618 Invalid ID refund Final

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