2.2. Form of initial request

This form is sent by PaySoft to Result URL of Merchant prior to receiving a payment. This from is sent in case a checkbox ‘Send initial request’ in Merchant’s Cabinet settings is selected. It is recommended to select this checkbox and always process ‘Form of initial request’!

Action - Result URL

Method - POST

Form features:

Name html-format Description
Indicator of initial request LMI_PREREQUEST Value always equals 1.
Merchant ID LMI_MERCHANT_ID Merchant’s POS ID to receive payment.
Payment amount LMI_PAYMENT_AMOUNT Amount for Client to pay.
Internal order number in accounting system of Merchant LMI_PAYMENT_NO Internal order number in accounting system of Merchant received from Merchant in ‘Payment request form’.
Test mode indicator LMI_MODE Indicates mode to receive payment: 0 - working mode; 1 – test mode.
Payment system ID LMI_PAYMENT_SYSTEM Payment system ID to receive payment.
Payment description LMI_PAYMENT_DESC Description of a paid service/work/good. The maximum length is 255 symbols. Unicode - UTF8.
Client’s phone number LMI_PAYER_PHONE_NUMBER Client’s phone number in format 380xxxxxxxxx.
Client’s email LMI_PAYER_EMAIL Client’s email.
Additional features Defined by Merchant All fields received from Merchant in ‘Form of payment request’ without prefix "LMI".

It is recommended not to ignore data received from PaySoft Merchant Interface in ‘Form of initial request’ and use it for check-ups. Merchant must ensure that future payment is approved and its parameters were not falsified by Client with criminal purpose.

In particular, it is recommended:

  1. Check accuracy of Merchant ID (LMI_MERCHANT_ID).
  2. Check order with a specified number (LMI_PAYMENT_NO) in Merchant’s database, and the fact that internal number of order in Merchant’s accounting system enables him to accept payment for this order.
  3. Make sure that payment amount (LMI_PAYMENT_AMOUNT) corresponds to order and was not changed by Client.
  4. Check integrity and correctness of Additional features set by Merchant if necessary.

In case all necessary check-ups are done, website of Merchant must send ‘YES’ in response to this form in http-format (e.g. echo "YES" for PHP or HttpContext.Current.Response.Write("YES") for ASP.NET).

Any answer different from ‘YES’ is considered a mistake and showed to Client in PaySoft interface, while payment is not accepted. If Merchant’s website is unable to access or sends a blank line in response, payment is also not accepted.

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