Interface for payment via ApplePay

This XML interface allows you to pay via ApplePay

Action -

Method - POST

XML request format:

Title XML parameter Required? Description
Merchant ID LMI_MERCHANT_ID Yes The Merchant can get the identifier in the Cabinet.
Payment amount LMI_PAYMENT_AMOUNT Yes The amount of payment. The sum must be greater than zero, the fractional part is separated by a dot.
Internal order number in the Merchant's accounting system LMI_PAYMENT_NO No In this field, the Merchant defines the order number . Although this parameter is optional, it is recommended that you always set it because it is needed for other interfaces to work correctly. It is advisable to use a unique number for each payment. The number can contain letters of the English alphabet, numbers and the hyphen "_". The maximum length is 64 characters.
Payment details LMI_PAYMENT_DESC Yes Description of the goods/services that are paid for. The maximum length is 255 characters. Encoding - UTF8.
Signature of request LMI_HASH Yes The signature of the request is generated by hashing the original text of the XML request with an empty LMI\ _HASH value and the SecretKey using the algorithm specified in the Merchant Cabinet. The received signature is passed in the LMI_HASH tag. The recommended encryption algorithm is SHA256. Sign example
applicationPrimaryAccountNumber LMI_CARDNUMBER Yes applicationPrimaryAccountNumber
Card expire year LMI_EXPIRE_YEAR Yes Year from applicationExpirationDate, 2 digits (YY of YYMMDD)
Card expire month LMI_EXPIRE_MONTH Yes Month from applicationExpirationDate, 2 digits (MM of YYMMDD)
onlinePaymentCryptogram LMI_CAVV Yes Параметр onlinePaymentCryptogram
Payer IP LMI_PAYER_IP Yes Payer's IP address
Site URL LMI_MERCHANT_URL Yes The domain where the payment was made

XML response format:


Title Field in XML Description
Request execution code Retval 0 - successful command execution; 1 - Incorrect signature (LMI_HASH ); 2 - incorrect parameters; 3 - this card type can't be processed; 4,5,6,7 - internal error; 8 - in progress
Description of the execution code Retdesc
Payment status Retdata / retval Whether funds have been debited from the card (values: success - succesefull transaction, fail - failed transaction, process - transaction in progress).
Internal payment number in the PaySoft system Retdata/LMI_SYS_PAYMENT_ID Number of the accepted payment in the PaySoft system.
Error message Retdata/ErrorMessage recommended text to display to the client in case of Retdata/retval = fail

Error codes

Code Recommended text for customers xplanation
1 Payment was declined for temporary technical reasons. Please retry payment later Technical problem
2 Payment was declined. Try to pay with another card or repeat payment later Antifraud PaySoft
3 Payment was declined. Not enough funds on this card to complete the transaction. Not enough funds on the card
6 Payment was declined. Check card details or specify the number of another card Refusal of the issuing bank
9 Payment was declined. Check card details. Incorrectly entered CVV
11 Payment was declined. Try to pay with another card or try again later. Antifraud of the acquirer bank
12 Payment was declined. Your card has expired. Contact the bank.
13 Payment was declined. The daily limit for the number of transactions has been exceeded. Please contact your bank.
14 Payment was declined. The card does not support the additional security layer 3DSecure. Please contact your bank to enable the function.
18 Payment was declined. Check card details or indicate the number of another card or contact the bank that issued your card. Card is blocked by the issuer
19 Payment was declined. You canceled the payment
22 The limit of payments on the Internet for your card has been exceeded. Please contact your bank.
27 Payment was declined. The country of the map differs from the country of the computer network address (IP).
42 Payment expired
61 The transaction on your card on the Internet was rejected due to insufficient Internet limit on the amount of transactions. We recommend that you increase the Internet limit in Privat24 and repeat the operation a little later.
62 Your bank (Oschadbank) refused the operation. To make payments from your card for replenishing electronic wallets or participating in gambling - contact Oschadbank support to remove the restrictions.
63 3D-Secure check failed. Please contact your bank for more information.
64 No payment-confirm request received for transaction
66 Only cards of Ukrainian banks
67 Only cards of CIS countries
68 Payment by cards of this type is not supported. Specify another card Ban corporate cards from this seller
69 Payment was declined. Check card details. BIN of the card not found in our database

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