6.2 Interface of discarding funds confirmation

This XML-interface enables Merchant to confirm the request to discard funds from Client.

Action - https://api.paysoft.solutions/merchants/firmware-confirm

Method - POST

XML-request format:







Name XML-format Description
Merchant ID LMI_MERCHANT_ID Merchant’s POS ID which received a payment from Client.
Internal payment number in PaySoft system LMI_SYS_PAYMENT_ID Number of accepted payment in PaySoft system received in response to discarding funds request.
Discarding confirmation code LMI_CLIENT_AUTH_CODE The code of discarding confirmation that was sent to Client’s phone number.
Control signature LMI_HASH Control signature of request which is created by encoding outgoing text of XML-request with blank field LMI_HASH and blank secret key SecretKey using algorithm chosen in Merchant’s cabinet. Received signature is transferred at tag LMI_HASH. The recommended encoding algorithm is SHA256.

XML-response format:





Name XML-format Description
Operation code of request Retval 1 (one) – successful transaction
Description of operation code Retdesc

NOTE: receiving code 1 (one) indicates successful confirmation of discarding funds only.

When PaySoft system records Client’s payment transaction, ‘Form of received payment’ is sent to Merchant’s system (see art. 2.4).

‘Interface of payment status request’ can also be used to get the status of transaction (see art.3)

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