6.1 Interface of discarding request

This XML-request enables Merchant to create a request for discarding funds from Client.

For shops being in test mode it is possible to tune up a system of creating discarding requests without sending messages and creating transactions (see ‘Operation code of request’ in the table of response codes)

Action - https://api.paysoft.solutions/merchants/firmware-create

Method – POST

XML-request format:











Name html-format Mandatory? Description
Merchant ID LMI_MERCHANT_ID Yes POS ID which will accept payment. Merchant can get ID in his personal Cabinet.
Payment amount LMI_PAYMENT_AMOUNT Yes The amount of payment that Merchant charges Client. It must be different from naught, and fraction part is separated by a dot.
Internal number of order in accounting system of Merchant LMI_PAYMENT_NO No In this field Merchant indicates an order number according to his own accounting system. Although this field is not obligatory, it is recommended always to fill it in to ensure proper work of other interfaces. It is recommended to use a unique number for each payment. Number may contain an English letters, figures and sign «-». Maximum length - 64 symbols.
Payment description LMI_PAYMENT_DESC Yes Description of a paid service/work/good. The maximum length is 255 symbols. Unicode - UTF8.
Payment system ID LMI_PAYMENT_SYSTEM Yes Payment system ID Client chosen to make a payment while placing an order on Merchant’s website. The list of payment systems can be found in Cabinet.
Control signture LMI_HASH Yes Control signature of request which is created by encoding outgoing text of XML-request with blank field LMI_HASH and blank secret key SecretKey using algorithm chosen in Merchant’s cabinet. Received signature is transferred at tag LMI_HASH. The recommended encoding algorithm is SHA256.
Client ID LMI_CLIENT_NUMBER Yes Mobile phone number on which confirmation of discarding funds is sent.
Type of confirmation LMI_CLIENT_PAY_TYPE No Necessity and value of this field depend on chosen payment system.

XML-response format:








Name XML-format Description
Operation code of request Retval 1 (one) – successful operation (only for working shops)
Description of operation code Retdesc
Internal number of payment in PaySoft system Retdata/LMI_SYS_PAYMENT_ID Number of accepted payment in PaySoft system. It is used to confirm discarding of funds.

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